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We are dealing with IT business and we are the first Google Adwords Certified Company in Turkey. We would like to inform you that we have prepared a very innovative website

It is the unique website that has below mentioned features;

  • It uploads all articles and news as text, photos and videos from the internet online related with the keywords assigned.
  • It can be controled by admin panel online. All articles and news can be edited, deleted from the admin panel.
  • Manually articles, pictures, and videoscan be entered from the panel.
  • Main categories and subcategories, assigned keywords can be added, editted or deleted from the panel at any time.
  • Auto loaded articles and news from all over the world classified regarding to categories and subcategories online in a realtime.
  • Visitors of the website can read any article or news at the website and also can listen them in English.This feature is unique at this website ( text to speech feature )

If you ınterest in to buy or rent please kindly investigate this website and the contents of it.

To Buy or Rent

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